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Moist, nutritionally packed, and free from artificial ingredients unless otherwise stated, Wendy May Cakes are for premium cake enthusiasts as well as those on a specialist diet because they’re irresistibly delicious, even if they are that little bit better for you!

Everything Wendy May makes is gluten free and therefore wheat free. Many of our unique recipes are also dairy free.

Wendy May has been gluten free for over 20 years and believes that an understanding of your dietary needs should not come at the cost of tickled taste buds and a satisfied appetite. From healthy on-the-go snacks, to rich and luxurious treats, all of our products are lovingly handmade in small batches to order in a designated gluten free kitchen - giving you added peace of mind of no possible cross-contamination.

1 in 100 people in the UK are known to suffer with coeliac disease, the life-long autoimmune disease that causes the body to react adversely to the gluten proteins found in wheat, barely, rye and sometimes oats in smaller quantities. Although just 12% of actual cases are believed to be diagnosed, the core of coeliac disease, gluten and wheat allergy sufferers is growing steadily.

The ‘free from’ market has leapt into prominence in recent years with allergy conditions rising 2 to 3 fold and sufferers of a wide range of illnesses and conditions (coeliac, endometriosis, ADD, autism, IBS, MS) as well as many in the medical community, believing that a gluten free diet brings relief to these and many other conditions.

Whether choosing a gluten free due to food intolerance or hypersensitivity, allergies, a medical condition, lifestyle choice, avoidance diet or nutritional regime, everyone can benefit from a gluten free diet; it’s generally difficult for the body to digest, and refined gluten products can also cause a sudden surge in blood sugar followed by a dramatic drop that often produces a tired and sluggish feeling.

As a result, an added benefit of a gluten free diet can be weight loss, as fewer carbohydrates are consumed with often the advantage of higher nutritional value and steady, sustainable energy and blood sugar levels.

Most bought baked goods are not only full of chemical additives, but pretty old by the time we eat them. That’s why Wendy May Cakes chooses to bake with fresher, tastier, quality ingredients for everyone to enjoy and choose from – not because they’re gluten free, wheat free or dairy free, not because they’re healthier or lower in carbohydrates, but simply because they taste so good! Gorgeously gluten free – the ultimate feel-good indulgence.

Browse, enquire and enjoy some quality cake time!

Coeliacs and cake lovers alike, order handmade gluten-free, wheat-free and dairy-free cakes customised for a celebration or just everyday, freshly baked and delivered to your door.

Photos by Sasha Honn sashahonn@gmail.com

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